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Elevation 249 feet, Fairfax County, Virginia      GPS 38º46'20.40"N :  77º4'54.07"W
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Mount Comfort Cemetery and the
Origin of Southgate Drive

Friends of Beacon Field Airport recently discovered this newspaper article on the September 23, 1949, 2 PM dedication of Mount Comfort Cemetery which is located at 6600 South Kings Highway.    The event was an all star celebration with Baron Cameron of Fairfax (Thomas Brian McKelvie) making a rare public appearance to deliver the dedication address.   Baron Fairfax was a direct descendant of Thomas Lord Fairfax the proprietor of the Northern Neck during colonial times.

The Reverend H. S. Southgate, pastor of Trinity Methodist Church in Alexandria, gave the invocation.     Southgate Drive is directly across from the entrance to Mt. Comfort cemetery

September 30, 1949: The Fairfax Herald