Beacon Field Airport®


We have used many resources in our vetting process to retire myths and  confirm, dispell, or support the discoveries associated with Beacon Field Airport.     We compiled the BOOK LIST below to share reference material that may be valuable to others conducting similar research projects.   

The Aircraft Yearbook,   Volumes 1 - 40, Aeronautical Chamber of Commerce of America, Inc. , 1919 through 1959,  avg. number 500 pages per volume.

Key to Inscriptions on Virginia Highway Historical Markers, State Commission on Conversation and Development, 1930.

The Aviators: Eddie Rickenbacker, Jimmy Doolittle, Charles Lindbergh, and the Epic Age of Flight, Winston Groom, November 2013, 464 pages.

Some Old Historic Landmarks of Virginia and Maryland: Handbook for the Tourist over the Washington-Virginia Railway,  W.H. Snowden, A.M., 7th edition, 1904, 125 pages.

On the Trail of the Air Mail, Lt Van Zandt, National Geographic, Volu XLIX, No 1. January 1926, pages 1-68.

"SKYWAY Below the Clouds", Carl Markwith, National Geographic, Vol 96, pages 85-108, July 1949.

23rd ANNUAL REPORT United States Geological Survey
, Department of the Interior,  1902.

Popular Aviation Magazine,  Ziff-Davis Publishing Company,  February 1932 -  April 1939. 

SEAPORT IN VIRGINIA:   George Washington's Alexandria, Gay Montague Moore, 1949, 274 pages.

Alexandria on the Potomac: The Portrait of an Antebellum Community,  Harold W. Hurst, 1993,  141 pages.

FLYING Magazine,  Ziff-Davis Publishing Company,  Volumes 32 - 42,  1940 to 1948.  

THE COMPLETE Camp Site Guide Including All Airplane Landings in the USA with MAPS 1923 Edition,  compiled for the National Aeronautic Association of USA, Washington, D. C.,   115 pages.


Bonfires to Beacons,   Federal Civil Aviation Policy under the Air Commerce Act, 1926-1938,   Nick A. Komons,  USDOT (FAA), 1978,  454 pages.


LET'S BE FRANK ABOUT IT:  A Memoir By Frank Blair,   Frank Blair, 1979,  377 pages.


Virginia Airports:  A Historical Survey of Airports and Aviation from the Earliest Days,  Vera Rollo, Norman Crabill,  2003,  244 pages.


The Aircraft Treasures of Silver Hill: The Behind-the-Scenes Workshop of the National Air and Space Museum,  Walter J. Boyne, 1982, 248 pages.

UNDERCOVER GIRL:  THE SECRET WAR, Elizabeth P. MacDonald, The MacMillan Company, 1947, 305 pages. 

Autobiography of a Spy, Mary Bancroft, William Morrow and Company, Inc., New York, 1983, 300 pages.

Sisterhood of Spies: The Women of the OSS,  Elizabeth P. McIntosh, U.S. Naval Institute Press, 1998, 282 pages.

OLD DOMINION NEW COMMONWEALTH:  A History of Virginia 1607-2007, Ronald L. Heineman, John Kolp, Anthony S. Parent Jr., and William Shade, University of Virginia Press, 2007, 395 pages

Thunder in the Valley:  A Pictorial History of the Penn-Daw Volunteer Fire Department, May 201061 pages.   (copies available from Barbara Keck email:

Mrs. Betty Carter Smoot, 1934, 214 pages.

CHARTING LOUISIANA:  Five Hundred Years of Maps,
  Alfred E. Lemmon,  Historic New Orleans Collection2003, 383 pages.

Turbulence aloft,  The Civil Aeronautics Administration amid wars and rumors of wars, 1938-1953,  John R.M. Wilson, 1979.


Aeronautics Aircraft Spotters' Handbook,   L. C. Guthman, Ensign USNR,  1943,  370 pages.


Fairfax County, Virginia: A History,   Nan Netherton, et al., 1978,  780 pages.

 Takeoff at mid-century: Federal civil aviation policy in the Eisenhower years, 1953-1961,   Stuart I Rochester,  1976, 352 pages.

To Fill the Skies With Pilots: The Civilian Pilot Training Program, 1939-46,   Dominick A. Pisano,  1993,   224 pages.

The Airport Book: From Landing Field to Modern Terminal, Martin Greif, 1979,  192 pages.

United States Army & Navy DIRECTORY OF AIRFIELDS
,   December 1, 1944, 146 pages.

Farther and Faster - Aviations Adventuring Years 1909 -1939
,  Terry Gwnn-Jones,  1991.

America's Airports: Airfield Development, 1918-1947,  Janet R. Bednarek,  2001, 226 pages.

Dreams of Flight:  General Aviation in the United States,  Janet R. Bednarek,  2003, 208 pages.

The American Heritage of History of Flight, 
American Heritage Publishing Co., 1962,  416 pages.