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 Important Dates for U.S. Airmail:

May 21,1878: Glenn Curtiss born - Hammondsport, NY. Mr. Curtiss designed/built the famous Army "Jenny" biplanes that carried the 1918 Airmail.


December 17, 1903: Wright Bros. First Flight - powered, manned, controlled and successful!


May 15, 1918: Army Pilots fly the First Scheduled Airmail Service: Washington, DC (polo field) to New York (Mineola, Long Island) & return.


August 12, 1918: USPO takes full control of Airmail Service from the Army and USPO pilots fly the mail.


September 8, 1920: First Transcontinental Airmail Route is selected: New York to San Francisco. August 21,1924, airmail service begins NY to SF.


February 2, 1925: Congress passes the "Air Mail Act of 1925" aka the "Kelly Act".


February 13, 1926: The word "Airmail" appears for the first time on a US stamp: the 10¢ (C-7) U.S. map with airmail biplanes!


February 15, 1926: First Airmail service under contracts known as CAM's went to FORD Motor Co. as CAM 6 and CAM 7. The famous Ford Tri-motor airplanes carried the mail!


May 20, 1926: Congress passes the "Air Commerce Act of 1926".


June, 1929: Airway Beacon #55 on route CAM 19 is installed at Beacon Field Airport, Alexandria, VA.


April 29, 1930: Congress passes the "Air Mail Act of 1930".


February 25, 1933: US Senate approved resolution 349 to establish a special committee to investigate air & ocean mail contracts for fraud and illegal activity. Senator Hugo Black is selected as chairman.


February 9, 1934: Airmail contracts are annulled by the Post Master General under direction from President Roosevelt (FDR).


February 19, 1934: Airmail once again flown by the US Army.


May 8, 1934: FDR directs the US Army to stop flying the mail.


June 12, 1934: Congress passes the "Air Mail Act of 1934". Airmail service returns to the airlines under new rules. 


October 4, 1958: First airmail carried by jet-powered airliner.


October 11, 1975: ALL 1st Class mail is carried by airliner in the USA. THE official end of airmail postage in the U.S. ended on May 1, 1977. International airmail postage ended May 14, 2007.