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Elevation 249 feet, Fairfax County, Virginia       GPS 38║46'20.40"N :  77║4'54.07"W

"Vanishing Airfields", The Washington Post, John D. Davidson, October 1959:

" It was just one line in the NOTICES TO AIRMEN in the current FAA publication Airman's Guide. It said: "Beacon Field Airport permanently closed Oct. 1, 1959.

The land has been sold{sic} for construction of a shopping center and work is to begin soon. But it isn't that simple to many Washington area pilots who have learned to fly at Beacon Field. It isn't that simple to the many light-plane owners and transient pilots who have touched down on Beacon's runways. Arthur Godfrey used to fly from Beacon Field and once operated a flying school there.

Frank Reid and Harry Lehman have supervised the training of hundreds of pilots at Beacon Field in the past dozen or so years. Some of these flyers have gone on to become captains and first officers on the Nation's big airlines. The growing metropolitan area and expanding commerce must inevitably result in changes in the face and features of our community. The closing of Beacon Field is one example that will bring nostalgic memories to the flyers and airplane fanciers of the Washington area.

There is even more to it, however. This marks the closing of the fourth light plane airport in the National Capital Area in six years time. It means that the private plane pilots and owners, and operators of business planes will be hard pressed to find adequate facilities for parking and servicing of their aircraft.

It means more restriction to general aviation in the Washington area at a time when this activity is growing rapidly. Other states and cities have taken steps to provide new and better airports for the single and light twin engine airplane market. "

The Washington Post
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