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Announcement for April 1, 2017 Fairfax Library Talk
New Costco Highlights Site's Aviation Link -- Mount Vernon Voice 7 August 2013

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America Revealed:  Nation on the Move  PBS VIDEO 18 April 2012, 10pm PBS

April 18, 2012, Historic Beacon Field, Va --- Congratulations to Lion TV and Yul Kwon for presenting an exceptional capture of the challenges facing the early aviation pioneers in transcontinental flight in Episode 2 of America Revealed which aired at 10pm.  Yul traveled to probably America's last operating beacon located in Montana and climbed the 90 foot steel tower to deliver his message. This was the BEST depiction of the evolution of marking the airways we have seen!!   Of course, we were also thrilled with the inclusion of Beacon Field Airport and credits to FOBFA at the end  !!   Catch it here if you missed it !

SPACE Shuttle Discovery Makes Pass over BEACON    Mount Vernon Voice April 2012

April 17, 2012--- With military precision at exactly 10:00 AM EST the Space Shuttle Discovery atop a 747 escorted by a USAF T-38 flew over the Beacon Field Airport Marker to the thrill of onlookers.
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