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Elevation 249 feet, Fairfax County, Virginia

Historical Land Records for City View Tract
1706 - 1848

1848: Benjamin Barton purchased the original 74 acres from Edward and Ann Burchell on 4 May 1848 for the sum of Five Hundred Dollars.

1837: Edward and Ann Burchell had purchased that tract of land part of a larger parcel of 116 acres from Frances M Tracey (widow of James F Tracey) on 27 November 1837 for the sum of Three Hundred and Forty - Eight Dollars.

1831: Frances M Tracey obtained the land tract after the death of her husband, James Frances Tracy in 1831.

James Frances Tracey (formerly of Dublin, Ireland) inherited the land tract from his Uncle, Thomas Tracey, in August 1821. Thomas Tracey willed his real estate holdings known as, Mt Erin (also on the Fairfax County Inventory of Historic Sites), to his nephew, James Frances Tracey of Dublin, Ireland, should James Frances Tracy ever become a US Citizen. "Thomas Tracey was one of the early residents of [Fairfax] county from Dublin"1 and was a local master musician mentioned in George Washington's Cash Memoranda records hired to teach Nelly Custis,2 granddaughter of Martha Washington.

1811:   Thomas Tracey purchased 362 acres from James Irwin,  Alexandria merchant.

1706 - 1811: Research in progress.

The original 74 acres were part of a larger 4,639 acre Colonial Land Grant by Lady Culpeper and Lord Fairfax to John West, Wm. Harrison, Thomas Pearson, Thomas Harrison on 23 December 1706. For more information on Virginia Northern Neck Land Grants and Patents .

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2The Papers of George Washington Digital Edition, ed. Theodore J. Crackel, Charlottesville: Univ. of Va Press, Rotunda, 2007.

Source of Deed Information: Land Records from FAIRFAX COUNTY Land Record Archives.

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