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FAQs!!! Historic Beacon Field Airport, VA, August 13, 2012 (new FAQs added to bottom)

Thank you for the huge interest and questions on the proposed Lenclair Dog Park on the Beacon Field Airport historic site !  We are updating frequently with some of the  the most FAQs and answers/links based on public information available on the FC government website and google search: 

Q.  The proximity of the proposed dog park seems too close to the food store for food safety, is the Giant Food aware of the dog park plans so close to their store?  (7/11/2012)   

A.  We do not believe they have heard about it; however, here is a link to the customer service email to register your concern: 

Q.  I just heard about this dog park and when is the public hearing so people can express views ? (7/1/2012)

 A.   The public hearing was conducted by the Board of Supervisors July 11, 2005,  which had followed the Planning Commission’s Approval June 30, 2005.    The Lenclair Dog Park is a proffer that was buried in the development conditions associated with MDP Groveton LLC  (Heights of Groveton apartments now known as the Beacon of Groveton).   The public was not aware of the dog park proffer as it was not advertized in the public hearing. 

Board of Supervisors Agenda:

Specific Proffer Conditions


Q.   Who established the requirement for this dog park ? {7/13/2012, editorial clarification}

A.   { FCPA Director Dargle in his May 8 response to the petitioners (see June 28 below) stated that "Input from the community as well as the Groveton Civic Association identified the need for such a facility in the area."}

Request through the VFOIA revealed that FC does not have any documentation recognizing the GCA as a legal entity or a property owner association.   The official Fairfax County Community Association Manual (revision 04, page x) states:

“Civic associations are neither mandated by local ordinance nor supported by state statutes, and thus have no authority with respect to the members or their geographical location, adherence to their goals and positions, or financial contributions and support from area residents……, civic associations are entirely voluntary in every aspect of their existence, operations and activities, and homeowners within the civic association community are individually free to participate or to not participate.”(full version here)

It seems inappropriate that a private social club has been deemed sovereign over hundreds of homeowners, 55 of whom submitted an opposition petition to a public park activity discussed in the 28 June update.    

The rezoning document (PCA/RZ 2004-LE-012) mentioned above does not authorize GCA involvement in the dog park installation.  See page 11 (para 11) in the full version here.   However, the GCA is sited as the community support group for the transportation improvement and parking items (page 8 subparagraph items 6c, 6d, 7).

Q.  The Fairfax County OLDA criteria states that there must be 700 square feet of fenced in area for each dog.  { How many square feet will the Lenclair Park be and what is the maximum number of dogs?}  (7/6/2012)  

A.  The current site plan for the fenced in portion (Off Leash Dog Area) is 43,124 square feet which allows for 62 dogs.

Q.  With respect to the dog park -- I wonder if it could be possible to bring the matter up in a GCA meeting. (7/6/2012)

A.  The petitioners did attend the GCA meeting in September 2011; however, they were told that the dog park was a “done deal” and no further discussion would be allowed:

Q.  Why did the FCPA choose the Lenclair Park site?  Is there an alternative choice like Groveton Heights Park on Collard Street which seems to be under utilized ? (7/9/2012)  

A.  We do not know and the July 1 letter from the FCPA did not answer our question why Lenclair Park was chosen.   


Q.  We heard the park will be named BlackJack Dog Park. Where did that name come from ? (7/1/2012)


A.  The GCA social club’s 6/2011 newsletter posted on their internet website stated:

“As part of the proffers for the Heights at Groveton project, Red Brick

Development is working with GCA and the Fairfax County Park Authority

to construct a neighborhood dog park. The name of the park is to honor

Annabel’s dog BlackJack, who was the catalyst for this project. BlackJack

has since passed on to where dog parks have no fences, …..”

(full version here).


Q. Aren’t there rules for naming Fairfax County parks  ?   (7/1/2012)

A. Yes, our research on the county’s website found that park names are in accordance with Policy 106 of the Fairfax County Park Authority Manual which states:

"As a general policy, parks shall be named in accordance with geographical, historical or ecological features indigenous to the park site or to the immediate vicinity of the site. Parksmay be named for an individual under the following conditions:

a. Where the individual has made a significant gift of land to the Authority, or

b. In memoriam for an individual who has made a significant contribution to the Fairfax County park system."

full version here

Q.  One friend has offered several links for the impact of dog waste as a non-point pollution, effects on human health, etc.:(7/15/12)

Resources From New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services: -

From Friends of Niagara River: -- 

From the dog community: -- a short summation of the key points of the health impacts of dog feces. 
A great flyer example, provided by EPA, re: dog waste clean up:

Also from EPA, pet waste as an urban nonpoint pollutant to control:

Q.  How did this proposed dog park location bypass all scrutiny for site historical significance,  community and homeowner acceptance, and public safety ? (7/1/2012)

A.   We don’t know. Requests through the VFOIA (452 pages) revealed no documentation answering that question.     Our requests to county officials asking for Lenclair Park site justification have not been answered.   {We have received correspondence as noted above from county officials; but nothing specific justifying the site}. 

Q.  How come Lenclair Park has not undergone the master planning process like the Monticello Park recently approved in June 2012 ?  

A.   We do not know the FCPA plans for Lenclair Park or why there is no Lenclair Park master plan.  FCPA has been aware of the dog park proffer prior to the issuance of the July 5, 2005, rezoning application.     

Regarding the Monticello Park, Fairfax County recently approved the Monticello Park Master Plan (June 27, 2012) that had been through the normal due process  involving much public debate and discussion on the future of the park including an off leash dog area.  CLICK HERE for links to the public comments and the approved master plan.   The Lenclair Dog Park has no master plan and public comments were not solicited on the dog park.

Q.  What about the storm runoff and pollution into the Chesapeake Bay ?NEW  8/13/2012    
A.   Interesting question and we defer to the ecology experts.   Article in The Washington Post  (8/13/12) says Arlington County has the lead over neighboring counties regarding management of this critical issue impacting streams and bay. (click here for link).