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October 2011

City View Farm Road Gets a Lift !

Click Pic to Enlarge: 1937 USGS Aerial Photo of Beacon Field.
October 5, 2011 Historic Beacon Field, Va ---    Nearby Friends of Beacon Field and neighbors are celebrating the resurfacing of Southgate Drive which has long been in deplorable condition.  Prior to the paving, the truck and auto noise exceeded the thundering booms and shockwaves of departing jet aircraft at Reagan National Airport.  VDOT and contractor Arthur Construction worked between rain showers to quickly and efficiently bring much needed permanent noise reduction to our community !!   A JOB WELL DONE !

Southgate Drive was originally constructed along the old City View Farm Road (see photo above) in the late 1960's as a proffer to the Beacon Hill Apartments development.   The old road traversed the drainage ravines which ultimately flow into the Chesapeake Bay.  The road had no name and the developer honored the Reverend H.S. Southgate, of the Trinity Methodist Church in Alexandria, Virginia. 

Considering its age it is surprising the road had lasted this long with the cut-thru traffic to historic US Route 1 that has been further increased by recent thru-truck restrictions imposed on other residential streets.   

We thank VDOT again for their work!

September 2011

Harry Lehman passing out the new design BFA t-shirts to patrol participant Beacon Starbucks Manager Brandon Perkett
September 29, 2011 Historic Beacon Field, Va ---   Friends of Beacon Field Airport and Beacon Starbucks Community Service teamed up to perform the early fall VDOT Adopt-A-Highway litter patrol.     Brandon Perkett,  Beacon Starbucks Manager, broke all records for removal of skoal tobacco cans from the South Kings Highway.    Harry Lehman introduced and handed out the new Gen II design Beacon Field t-shirts to patrol participants.   Another job well done !!   

Historic Hybla Valley Airport website takes Off !

Circa 1939, Flying north, Photographer Harry J. Lehman
September 9, 2011 -- Historic Beacon Field, VA   
To commemorate Orville Wright's first one-hour airplane flight at Fort Myer, Virginia, on this day in 1908,  we are pleased to announce the debut of our new website dedicated to the preservation and history of the little known Hybla Valley Airport and Hybla Valley Speedway.   The website is  and includes lots of photographs, history and information on the upcoming installation of the Fairfax County Historic Marker.

Hybla Valley Airport operated from 1924 to 1956 and was home to commercial aviation, private pilot training, a US Navy airbase, hot rod Speedway, and international attention. 

click to + : Hybla Valley Airport circa 1950 -- Restaurant, Lounge and Passenger area, Gas Refueling, General Offices. Route 1 billboard behind white house.
May  2011

ORANGE Jackets Swarm South Kings Highway!!

Right --> Left, Friends of Beacon Field : Sara Friedman, Matthew Ryan, Elena Ryan, Harry Lehman, Lisa Emrico, George Alloway, Joe Emrico and Anna Marie Hicks
26 May 2011, Historic Beacon Field, VA ---   Friends of Beacon Field Airport started the Memorial Holiday Weekend early with an Adopt - A - Highway litter patrol gathering up 95 pounds of trash along South Kings Highway.    We were joined by new participants who helped us break the 1,000 pound collection goal in the short 2 years we have been responsible for the route !!!

Despite the rapidly rising temps and high volume of holiday traffic, the litter patrol team endured and completed the clean up in within an hour!!  Job well done!

March 2011

BEACON FIELD Celebrates National Air Mail Week !!
May 15-21, 2011

May 13, 2011 Historic Beacon Field, Va ---  The Friends of Beacon Field Airport are recognizing the importance of US Airmail to Beacon Field.   Without the famous CAM 19 route and installation of the rotating beacon on the high knoll in Groveton, the Beacon Field Airport by this name would never have existed.   
Ninety-three years ago, the first  formal scheduled US airmail flight took place on May 15, 1918.   Major Fleet flew a Jenny JN-4H from Long Island,  New York to Philadelphia and then on to land at the polo field at Haynes Point in Washington DC.    President Woodrow Wilson greeted his arrival.
Seventy-three years ago, the United States Postmaster General James Farley declared May 15 - 21 , 1938, as  NATIONAL AIR MAIL WEEK to honor the 20th Anniversary of that first formal airmail flight (May 15, 1918).    Beacon Field Airport participated with the  special stamping of commemorative airmail envelops (photo above).     The Alexandria Postmaster Mr. J. Owen Lynch ably provided his official signature.
Friends are reviving the celebration of the establishment of the US Airmail service by launching the display of a new series of philatelic aviation memorabilia on this website and at Beacon Starbucks. 

, 1932 GW MASONIC Memorial Dedication
May 12, 1932 GW MASONIC Memorial Dedication
Aug. 17, 1935, Lancaster PA Airport Dedication
April 20, 1931 First Flight 24 Hours NY to LA
April 20, 1931 First Flight 24 Hours NY to LA
Aug 5, 1931 Beacon Stamp with Kingston Mark "Eagle Scouts at the Pole with Byrd"
Aug 5, 1931 Beacon Stamp with Kingston Mark "Eagle Scouts at the Pole with Byrd"
Sept 15, 1931 Fifth Anniv First Flight Air Mail San Francisco
Sept 15, 1931 Fifth Anniv First Flight Air Mail San Francisco
1930 C.A.M 34 NY LA Click to Enlarge
1931 20th Anniversary -->Click to Enlarge
1931 Click to Enlarge
AM19 1932 Click to Enlarge
Special mailing honoring US Airmail Service at Logan, UT
IMPROMPTU Adopt-A-Highway Patrol
Scores BIG !!

17 March 2011, Historic Beacon Field, VA ---   Friends of Beacon Field Airport conducted an impromptu Adopt - A - Highway litter patrol today taking advantage of the fine spring weather  and gathering up over 150 pounds of trash accumulated during the winter months including automotive bumpers, an abundance of artificial flowers, illegal signs and beverage containers.  The invigorating weather combined with the forsythia blooming, dogwoods budding and crocus snapping made for another grand day in Historic Groveton!

February 2011

Historic Groveton School Site
SOARS to new Heights !!!

One, two, three..... the OFFICIAL Ground Breaking !!
February 9, 2011 -- Historic Reid's Corner, VA   
Despite the frigid February freeze,  a large crowd turned out for the much awaited Ground Breaking event for the Heights at Groveton project on the old and very historic Groveton School site (corner of Memorial and US 1).  Notables included Supervisors Gerry Hyland and Jeff McKay, and Groveton Civic Association (GCA) current and former presidents  Charlotte Brown and Annabel Baer.     Also in attendance was Mr. Timothy Mulcahy, President of Redbrick Development Group, who has led the project from its inception.    The Heights at Groveton will offer luxury apartment living available summer of 2012.  

The Groveton School site is known in the Fairfax Deed books as "Reid's corner" and has been home
to many activities including Hino's Tourist Home, Groveton Elementary School,  St. Marks Episcopal Church, and Fairfax County Administrative Offices.   This acreage was part of the much larger Reid land holdings that encompassed Beacon Field Airport.

The sizable crowd included several Groveton Elementary School graduates who retraced their steps on the sidewalk that led them to their classrooms.

Mr. Timothy Mulcahy, President of Redbrick

L to R, Original Groveton residents Ms. Sharon Brumleve, Mr. Harry Lehman, and Ms. Charlotte Brown take a final stroll on the sidewalk that led to their elementary school 50 something years ago.