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August 2009

Beacon Field Airport
Fairfax County Historic Marker
Dedication Ceremony

L to R: Harry P. Lehman, Lee District Supervisor Jeff McKay, and the Honorable US Congressman Gerry Connolly
GROVETON, VA August 19, 2009 --Friends of Beacon Field Airport joined in with Lee District Supervisor Jeff McKay,  Honorable US Congressman Gerry Connolly, and Harry P. Lehman to dedicate the Historic Marker at the site GPS coordinates 38║46'12.20"N :  77║4'58.33"W .      Master of Ceremony Supervisor McKay welcomed everyone to Groveton and introduced notable personalities in the crowd, Congressman Connolly spoke of the importance of airports in the County's history,  how much history is in Fairfax County,  and the importance of preserving this history, and Harry P. "Butch" Lehman who grew up at City View on the airport property provided a lively brief personal history and significance of the economic impact and pilot training that Beacon Field brought to the area.   Mr. Lehman pointed out that no other airport in the United States is named Beacon Field.

"Memory is the natural enemy of history.   Whether it be bad memory, no memory, faulty memory or created memory, loss of facts is a dangerous thing. We wanted to capture and record the Beacon history before it was lost - we have to do this with the marker and the website."
                                         --- Harry P. Lehman  (excerpt from dedication speech)

Photo Courtesy: Jack L. Hiller.  L to R:  Harry P. Lehman, Supv Jeff McKay, Congressman Gerry Connolly
Photo Courtesy: Jack L. Hiller. L to R: Harry P. Lehman, Supv Jeff McKay, Congressman Gerry Connolly
The three speakers unveiled the marker with the guidance of Mr. Jack Hiller, Fairfax County History Commission Marker Committee, Chairman.   The historic marker program started in January 1998 and is the highest level of recognition awarded by the History Commission .    Beacon Field Airport is the 26th marker approved by the commission.    The distinctive Fairfax County markers display the colors derived from George Washington's Fairfax Militia uniform.  
Early birds gathering for the dedication --Courtesy Mr. Dan Mancini
Courtesy Mr. Dan Mancini
Harry Lehman and members of the Groveton Community
Mrs. Linda Waller of Supv McKay's office and Mr. Jack Hiller of History Commission
Harry P. Lehman, US Congressman  Gerry Connolly, Anna Marie Hicks
L to R: Harry P. Lehman, US Congressman Gerry Connolly, and Anna Marie Hicks