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Elevation 249 feet, Fairfax County, Virginia       GPS 38║46'20.40"N :  77║4'54.07"W
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2008 Event Archive

Friends of Beacon Field enjoyed the very impressive Christmas Light displays in the Groveton & Beacon Field area of Fairfax County.   The streets of  Fairview, South Kings, and Collingwood were on the tour.    "Santa Express" train rides for the kids, light displays choreographed to 50's music,  Xtreme light density and more!!

2507 Fairview Drive, Alexandria, VA
6634 South Kings Highway
1601 Collingwood Rd

Friends of Beacon Field Airport participated in the Beacon Field Airport Gathering hosted by the Franklin Street "Friends".   Long term Franklin Street residents, nearby Groveton residents, and pilots who learned to fly at Beacon shared GREAT food,  local history,  logbooks, vintage aircraft parts and gear,  Route 1 hotel/restaurant post cards and photos.    
Friends of Beacon Field Airport Photo

Beacon Field and the Richmond Highway recently highlighted in the Washington Business Journal:

...."The one-time highway of cool is getting hot again!"

                                                -- Tom Shaw (SEFDC Board Member)
Washington Business Journal/August 15, 2008

June 16, 2008 --- Friends of Beacon Field Photo
JUNE 2008
Friends of Beacon Field Airport participated in the Groveton Celebration June 16, 2008.   The Groveton Civic Association received a Certificate of Recognition signed by Governor Kaine for being included in the Virginia 2007 Community Program commemorating the 400th Anniversary of Jamestown.   In the picture left, Dr. Jack Dale, (center) the Superintendant of Fairfax County Public Schools is joined by Alumni of the original Groveton Elementary School including Friend of Beacon Field and Groveton Elementary Alumnus, Harry Lehman (far right, back row).